StrataDx is our lab of choice for dermatopathology services for the last couple of years. The group provides the highest level of quality and service for our patients. We choose to use Strata because of their expertise, specific diagnoses, efficiency, and turnaround time. Their board-certified experienced Dermatopathologists are an extension of our providers, and communicate regularly with us about complicated or challenging patients.

Kavita Mariwalla, M.D.

“Our practice is extremely satisfied with Strata’s service and expertise. Great turnaround, seamless delivery of electronic and paper reports, and excellent access to the pathologists to discuss any case. We could not be happier with our choice of pathology lab.”

MADELINE KRAUSS, M.DKrauss Dermatology

“Any lab can receive a specimen and kick out a report. I’ve never seen a lab that demonstrates the technical expertise and incredible consistency that we always receive from Strata and we have no desire to change.”

DAVID BIGLER, M.DGateway Dermatology, PC