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Our cytology department includes board-certified cytopathologists with expertise in managing all levels of specimen complexity ranging from outpatient fluid-based and fine needle aspirated biopsies to in-hospital radiologically guided and intra operative stat procedures. All of our cytopathologists are also board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology and bring the depth of their laboratory experience and knowledge to not only interpreting cytology specimens, but also formulating pertinent differential diagnoses with appropriate recommendations for follow-up. All reports include a representative photomicrograph depicting the main diagnostic finding.

Services and techniques include:


  • • Routine gyn monolayer Pap smear cytology
  • • Routine and reflex HPV testing
  • • HPV 16 and 18 testing
  • • Chlamydia/ GC testing (off same vial)
  • • Biopsy cytology correlation
  • • Abnormal Pap smear follow-up letters


  • • Fluid-based and FNA biopsy interpretation
  • • Correlation with pertinent contemporaneous and historical biopsy findings
  • • FNA lymphoma diagnosis incorporating flow cytometry results
  • • Urine with FISH combined report with result correlation and trending
  • • Chlamydia/GC testing on urine

Our pathologists welcome the opportunity to discuss case findings and are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. Call +1.800 325.PATH (7284), or use the “Ask a Pathologist” feature on the right side of the page.



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